I don’t know what is up with all these thought-provoking conversations..

I wish I could remember what she said, but it was pretty much questioning if we were bitter or if we were simply outgrowing some things in our lives. I sense that there is a degree of bitterness, but above this is a growing impatience and a lesser tolerance. Some people are just too much, they carry a lot of baggage. And now more then ever, I think I’m realizing that “I don’t need this.” people come and go, and they stray away, and I find that I am generally okay with that. Better put, i accept that. People who truly want to be in your life will be there, and that’s that. It’s a shame that relationships can take a toll and can become practically non-existent, but it happens. I feel like we have all grown more independent, to a certain degree, and I feel like there is less care. No one, including myself, takes initiative to repair severed ties. It’s like we go around with the mentality that “if we cross paths, great! If we don’t, no es gran cosa!” that’s a big generalization, but what I’m saying is that, this seems to be a growing trend. Does it bother me, no. It just makes me curious as to why we become like this? What marks this transition? I’ve heard it time and time again.. You can’t tell me that I’m the only one who feels this way. I see it all the time. Is it just a matter of finding our true selves? That’s something to think about.

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