SYTYCD Live Tour 2012

It was perfect, like Nina dying at the end of Black Swan ‘perfect’

Too much for words really, but it was magical and moving.

So much love in one room. <33 If you’ve never been to one of these tours, you MUST, it’s not even an option. If you can, GO! Well, you’d have to wait ‘til next year, but yea.

So the opening number was “Architect of the Mind”, which was so amazing to see live. When I saw that the alternatives were Amelia and Matt, I was super duper excited!

After the opening, the dancers had their opening remarks and what not, and they actually may be one of my favorite group of dancers. I mean, Season 3, 4, and 8 had some amazing dancers, but as a group, I feel like the people in this group complement each other well. I really feel connected with them.

Of course, I was fan girling seeing Eliana, George, and Amelia, to name a few, but they are all so incredibly talented. It was cool, especially, to see Tiffany close to home.

They all seemed so humbled, and it was the last show on the tour, so they were all pretty emotional. There were definitely tears there.

So what were some of the performances. The first set of performances were all like contemporary pieces. Amelia and Will did Sonya’s piece to ‘3326’. The music is so haunting, I love it so much. Sonya is just genius, really. Then somewhere in the mix they did “Wild Horses”. Seeing that dance made me really appreciate Lindsay. She’s flawless, they all are. Then I want to say that was followed by Chehon and Witney’s performance “I will always love you.” The sequence of dances flowed very nicely. It was definitely breath taking. Then they performed Travis Wall’s group to “Where the light gets in.” All I can think of was “Wow, that’s what I want Yellow to be like” Obviously it’ll be much different, but I want it to be captivating.

I’m sure I already lost the order of the show, but let me proceed with solos since I know Audrey had a solo in the beginning. Audrey, to me, has always had this young quality to her, but she can definitely dance. Her song and costume choice was great, I was definitely pleased. She kinda reminds me of Jordan Casanova. Cute and definitely sassy. I didn’t care too much for Amelia’s solo :( I don’t think the song choice best captured what she is capable of. Eliana did her audition solo, which was good. God, her legs go on for days. She’s so gorgeous. George <3 It was definitely different, he actually reminded me of Ricky from Season 8. Well his solo at least. Ryan danced to “Riot Rhythm”, which was like a YES for me, his solo had the same kinda feel. Matthew, how did I not love you during the season. Well I mean, I should have loved you more. He’s amazing. I loved his solo, the song <333 Will is such a goof ball. He’s definitely a pleasure to see. Witney and Lindsay had great solos. They are both ‘hot tamales.’ Cyrus, Oh my freakin gosh. Seeing him live was definitely an experience of a lifetime, everyone was screaming like crazy. I enjoyed Tiffany’s solo. I have this admiration for her, she danced to some version of “Just the way you are.” <3 Chehon had the last solo, and it was expected, but his technique is out of this world.

Now to the rest of the show, I truly do have terrible memory. but they did this Chicago medley and they made Ray’s pole dance for Eliana and Tiffany into a group piece. <33333333333 This old lady that was next to me wasn’t pleased. I think she left the show, LOL. They were all gorgeous and I love the musical Chicago. Definitely one of my favorites of the night. Witney did that singer dance with the mic. I want to say George was Nick’s replacement. I think that really showcased her talent as an all around dancer. As well as the Dave Scott hip hop routine <33

But for other performances, I guess I should just cover the group performances? From the show, they did “Architect of the Mind”, Tyce Diorio’s Gene Kelly Dance, Tabitha and Napoleon’s “Beautiful people”, Tyce Diorio’s “The here and after”, Mia Micheal’s “Eyes”, Sonya Tayeh and Christopher Scott’s co-choreographed group routine “Torn”. The group numbers are always great, I was definitely pleased to see all of them. I don’t think I have a favorite, cause they are all so amazing!

I’m all over the place, but after Intermission they featured some of Mia Micheal’s routines from Season 4. Tiffany and George performed “Hometown Glory.” Witney and Chehon did the bench dance. Cole and Lindsay did the addiction piece to “Gravity.”

Then that was followed by Stacey Tookey’s “Bang Bang” routine, performed by the lovely Eliana. George was the substitute for Alex. George substituted a lot now that I think of it. In fact, they didn’t perform one of my favorite routines to “Turning Page”, choreographed by Sonya and performed bu George and Tiffany. That was a bit of a disappointment :/ They also did that routine with the fans, I can’t even think of who choreographed it, at the moment.

I want to wrap this up so, Lets just go down the list of routines I know I saw, but didn’t mention. Amelia and Will did Love Cats. They also performed the booty dance. Lol. I don’t remember what it was called, but if you watch, you’d probably know what I’m talking about. I’m too lazy to go look it up. Cole and Lindsay did the paso doble. Definitely my least favorite style, but it was good. Witney and Lindsay with some male alternative dance to “Dance Again.” Cole did “Possibly Maybe” with Audrey as Allison’s substitute. No one can do it better than Allison, but that was definitely one of my favorites, if not my favorite from the season. Eliana and Cyrus did the Nappy Tab’s hip-hop routine to “Toxic” <333 Matthew and Audrey did there dance to “Unchained Melody.” <333 This maybe a repeat, but Tiffany and Will (Ade’s replacement) danced to “The Power of Love.”

I really enjoyed the show and there really wasn’t any performance that completely lost me. Season 9 truly does it from the heart. The environment was a great, I always look forward to being around people who have my same interest and who are just as in love with the dancers. I’m glad I was able to go. The finale dance was fun, as it usually is. They even dance to a little of Gangnam Style.

Yea, Yea. This is it. Don’t have it in me to type up more.

Posted on Sunday, Dec 9, 2012 at 1:57pm